• 15. October 2023

    Overhaul of a "Polyphon"

    Opus 169 from 1898 of the Debierre company of Nantes is being cleaned and repaired in our workshop. It serves as a choir organ in the Liebfrauen church in Zürich. Our main focus is on the windchest and eliminate the problems due to dryness.
    The ingenious concept of Debierre, the legendary quality of material and craftmanship, together with the powerful sound makes it a pleasure and an instructive experience.

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  • 27. August 2023

    CD recording of Biber-sonatas

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  • 15. June 2023

    reconstruction chest-organ

    Chest-organ from 1967, catholic church in Amriswil TG

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  • 23. September 2022

    2 manual chest-organ

    for the reformed church in Zürich-Oerlikon

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