Organ-builder in Rheinfelden

The founder of the company - Peter Meier - was born in Switzerland, growing up in a family with roots in Aargau, Württemberg and Ticino. Apprenticeship as an organ-builder with Orgelbau Goll in Lucerne, work experience in England with Martin Goetze & Dominic Gwynn, in France with Marc Garnier and in Switzerland with Orgelbau Felsberg. 
2-year stay in Japan to set up an organ maintenance workshop. Founded Peter Meier Orgelbau GmbH in 2004 in Rheinfelden, Switzerland.

In the service of music

As organ-builders we are in the service of music and musicians. The aim is to create a musical tool which the organist can use to realise his potential, and be inspired by the sound, the touch, and even the aesthetics of the organ.

Instruments with character

Our aim is to build instruments with an individual character. Musicians, clients and organ-builders work together on the creation of these instruments. We try to bring in our ideas and visions insofar as they serve the project, in order to create a unique instrument.

Creativity and precision

Time and again we ourselves are fascinated by the simultaneous complexity and poetry of our profession; we are, after all, neither engineers nor artists. Rather, we combine precision with creativity, and craftsmanship with music; we shape wood and metal into vehicles for sound. A good concept is important when planning the organ; the realisation then follows the principles of the profession, and we organ-builders give of our best to achieve the goal. Time and again, we get to experience that magical moment after months of work, when upon voicing an instrument starts to live, and shows its very own character.

  • Peter Meier, Organbuilder

    Peter Meier

    Owner and founder of the company; organ-builder

  • Rico Mohni, organbuilder

    Rico Mohni

    Organ-builder and structural engineer, trained by Peter Meier Orgelbau

  • Albert Balogh, organbuilder

    Albert Balogh

    Freelancer; organ-builder, wood-carver

  • Laurenz Gutjahr Orgelbauer

    Laurenz Gutjahr

    Organbuilding-apprentice, cello player